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Easy access to energy using the LPS – Lithium Power Supply

LPS – Lithium Power Supply
LPS – Lithium Power Supply

The smartphone principle for a mobile power supply

The smartphone revolutionised mobile communication – the LPS is revolutionising the mobile power supply

All the components relevant for power supply in the vehicle are integrated in one device. In other words, the LPS takes over numerous functions that are currently being carried out by separate individual components.

The LPS supplies 230V and 12V consumers simultaneously and is automatically charged when the engine is running. A powerful DC-DC booster in the LPS guarantees sufficient charging voltage at all times. Charging via the mains connection or a solar module with a suitable control unit is no problem either.



The all-in-one power supply is the size of a box of photocopying paper and weighs only 28 kg.

Complete integration of all components in one device significantly reduces the space required for the power supply and makes room for more important things.

With a total weight of 28 kg, the LPS saves about 50 kg against a traditional system with a comparable performance, freeing up a considerable amount of vehicle payload.

Dimensions (L x W x H) of the LPS: 390 x 244 x 250 mm.

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LPS – the ALL-IN-ONE power supply


Use the 230V/50Hz and 12V where you need them. Automatic charging via the generator during driving or via a mains connection. Find out more here.



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LEAB Product Brochure

LEAB Product Brochure

You can download our LEAB product brochure as a PDF file here.