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Lead batteries

Lead batteries

To guarantee a reliable power supply for additional electrical consumers (e.g. lights, tools or computers), we have developed a ready-to-install complete solution: our auxiliary battery pack. The heart of the pack is an AGM battery with 90 ampere hours and a charge booster developed by us. The additional battery package ensures a permanent and optimal charging of the battery even in EURO 6 vehicles.

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Auxiliary battery pack, 90 Ah
Ready-to-install and powerful combination of an auxiliary battery and a charging booster.
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Auxiliary battery pack - reliable and compact

With its compact dimensions, our auxiliary battery pack fits easily under the passenger seat, for instance.

A complete set of cables and a matching battery tray support easy and safe installation.

  • Compliant: meets the requirements of most vehicle manufacturers
  • Simple: supplied ready for installation
  • Perfect fit: optimised for EURO 6 vehicles