Battery Chargers

Starter and auxiliary batteries have been designed for a range of different tasks: Starter batteries are required to start the engine and have to be able to provide a large amount of current in a very short time. Auxiliary batteries must be able to provide small to medium currents over a longer period. Partial discharge and subsequent charging are quite normal in such cases. These batteries are thus subject to a heavier load, making optimum charging technology very important.

With the LEAB chargers of the ABC and Champ series (chargers with IU1U2 characteristic) you have optimum charging technology at your disposal for all battery types (gel, AGM and wet batteries).

The LEAB service charger PWC 12-24/70 is a high-quality battery charger for workshop and service applications.

The portable service charger LEAB PWC has been developed for mobile and stationary use for the charging of all types of lead batteries.

We have put together a small selection aid to help you choose the right battery charger for your application.

Selecting the Right Charger

Most battery manufacturers recommend a charging capacity for their batteries of 10 to 30% of the battery's nominal capacity (Ah). For this reason, most automatic chargers are specified for a certain range of battery sizes. This means, for example, that a 15 amp charger is suitable for batteries with capacities of 40 - 150Ah.

However, some applications such as hand-held lamps, radios, DC chargers, refrigerators, lights, etc., require operational feed while charging the battery. This means that part of the charging power is diverted and effectively reduced. As a result, this consumption must be taken into account when determining the loading capacity so as to achieve a charge that is fast, sufficient and protects the battery.

For vehicles with 12V wiring system
For vehicles with 24V wiring system
For vehicles with 36V wiring system
For vehicles with 48V wiring system
Ideal for every workshop, can be switched 12/24V
System solution for charge retention 12-12 VDC
System solution for charge retention 24-12 VDC