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Combined Devices

Combined Devices

One device – two functions: Combinded devices are inverters and chargers in one housing – saving you a lot of space in your vehicle. They are designed for 12- and 24-volt vehicle power circuits and provide a 230-volt AC voltage on the output side. The charging current is adjustable – independent of the battery system. Charging of all common lead batteries as well as lithium batteries is possible.

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G3 Remote Display
Remote display to measure battery voltage, display status information, display battery current and display inverter power.
CLP 2324-50
Combined device: Sinewave inverter and battery charger.
CLP 2012-100
Combined device: Sinewave inverter and battery charger.
CLP 1024-30
Combined device: Sinewave inverter and battery charger.
CLP 1012-50
Combined device: Sinewave inverter and battery charger.

One device – two functions

Thanks to the integrated mains priority circuit, your battery is only charged when there is no shore power via an external feed. Likewise, your consumers continue to be supplied almost without delay, even in the vehicle hall.

The mains priority circuit enables automatic changeover from inverter operation to voltage supply via an external feed. Of course, the combination units are short-circuit proof, switch off in case of excessive temperature as well as overvoltage and allow easy control of all parameters via coloured LEDs. With a comparatively low weight, the installation of a combination unit reduces the wiring effort, saves space and cash. In addition, possible sources of error are reduced.

Clayton Power's combination units are based on the popular CLP inverters and therefore also have the option of direct communication (single wire) with Clayton lithium batteries. The G3 remote display can also be used with the combination units.

That's what makes our combi devices stand out:

  • Compact, lightweight and powerful
  • Short circuit proof
  • For all standard batteries