DC-DC Booster 12V-12V

The LEAB DC/DC booster increases the charging voltage irrespective of the charge state of the starter battery to the required value of 14.4V and supplies a continuous current of 12 amps (IU characteristic). If the auxiliary battery is fully charged, the output current of LEAB's DC/DC booster automatically adapts itself and drops.

DC/DC boosters can be easily retrofitted in any vehicle.

The problem

After the engine has been started and a short maximum charging capacity, the generator control unit quickly reduces the charging voltage and the current to protect the starter battery from overload. At the same time, the charge current for the still empty power supply battery drops at the same time. In addition, the auxiliary battery is usually installed a relatively long way away from the generator, which means its cables are very long and rarely have a sufficient cross-section. Correct and complete battery charging is no longer possible.

Available DC-DC Converters 12V-12V
Type PBU 1412
Article number 801037020
Input voltage [V] 12
Output voltage [V] 14.4
Output current [A] 12
Characteristic curve IU
min. / max. input voltage [V] 01/09/15
Galvanic insulation no
Cooling convection
Standby current [mA] < 25
Typical efficiency [%] 90
Operating temperature [°C] -20 to +40
Operating humidity [%]
Operating display LED
Dimensions [mm] 155 x 80 x 43
Casing anodized aluminium
Type of protection IP65
Weight [kg] 0.9
Connections + in / + out / ignition / ground as ring cable lugs
Installation screw 4 x M5
Standards EN55022-B, CE
Mark of conformity CE and e

Product photos

PBU 1412
PBU 1412
PBU 1412 - connection
PBU 1412 - Anschluss