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If a modern special-purpose vehicle has a auxiliary battery as well as a contemporary generator management system, reliable charging of the additional battery is usually not guaranteed. After ignition of the engine, the alternator often shuts down the charging voltage and charging current after a short time in order to save fuel.

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1041004001_PIC_00.png CLP 600
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CLP 600
Active DC-DC converter to charge on-board batteries while driving with 5-stage charging characteristic and jump-start functionality.
BPC 12-12/40
Active DC-DC booster to charge on-board batteries (lead or lithium) while driving, adjustable output voltage.

Full auxiliary battery only with charge booster

Without charging voltage at the starter battery, the auxiliary battery cannot be charged either. As a result, even a long drive with the vehicle does not result in a full auxiliary battery. A modern technical solution is a charge booster that simulates a large additional consumer for the alternator management and thus ensures a permanent charging current - until the second battery is also charged.