DYNAWATT Generators

Unusual requirements call for special solutions. Special-purpose vehicles for the fire brigade and rescue services, police force and customs, municipal trucks and trucks for the construction industry require a reliable vehicle basis – and a powerful energy supply – to fulfil the increasingly more versatile tasks they face. Modern fleet planning demands rational equipment selection solutions. With LEAB system solutions, vehicle configurations which bestow efficient application possibilities on commercial vehicles can be realised.
Increasing demands on the performance of the power supply system coupled with the simultaneous necessity of saving space and weight require vehicle equipment to be optimised. LEAB offers on-board power generators for all requirements: from high-performance generators in state-of-the-art compact designs through speed-independent DYNAWATT systems or hydraulic underfloor systems to compact and powerful underfloor generators up to 100kVA and underfloor compressors.

Generator systems can be integrated or installed in many vehicles. The scope required depends on many factors. For this reason, please complete the following form online and send it to us. We will then contact you to clarify further details.

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Decision-making aid for selection of generator types
Engine speed Power requirements up to 3000VA Power requirements up to 5000VA Power requirements over 5000VA Voltage 230V Voltage 230V and 400V
variable - Generator with inverter - DYNAWATT - Generator with Xtender - DYNAWATT - Hydraulics variable - Generator with inverter - DYNAWATT with Xtender - DYNAWATT - Hydraulics variable
fixed - DYNAWATT - DYNAWATT - Underfloor - Hydraulics - Underfloor - Hydraulics - Underfloor - Hydraulics
Additional generator
Engine-specific brackets
Speed-independent engine attachment
Engine-specific brackets
Space-saving underfloor solution
Vehicle-specific brackets