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LIthium Power Supply II

The LPS II combines everything needed for mobile power supply in one housing. Compared to the first generation of the LPS, the LPS II can be charged alongside 12 V and 24 V on-board power supply systems.

In addition, the LPS II is available with a higher capacity than its predecessor version and has an integrated solar charge controller. Thanks to the powerful inverter with up to 5 kW peak, even large consumers with high starting currents can be supplied with power.

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LPS II 2512-100
The LPS II 2512-100: Compact and lightweight all-in-one lithium based power supply.
LPS II 3012-160
The LPS II 3012-160: Compact and lightweight all-in-one lithium based power supply.
LPS II - mounting bracket
Mounting bracket for securing the LPS II in the vehicle.
LPS II - Connection kit
Connection kit for an easy installation of the LPS II in a vehicle.
LPS II - Remote
Remote to turn the LPS on or off, shows battery and operating status.
LPS II 1512-100
The LPS II 1512-100: Compact and lightweight all-in-one lithium based power supply.

Even more power with the same dimensions

While a solar charge controller had to be connected externally with the first generation LPS, this is already integrated in the LPS II. This simplifies the connection of a solar panel considerably.

However, the integrated solar charge controller is only one of many upgrades of the LPS II: the connections have also been optimised. For example, Anderson plugs and D-Sub data adapters are omitted and instead, screw terminals are used for easy installation - it could hardly be simpler!

  • More power at the same dimensions and weight
  • Modern design
  • Integrated emergency start function
  • Higher capacity
  • Integrated solar charge controller
  • Reduced self-consumption (< 1 W)