The complete unit on a lithium basis: Handy next generation technology for on the road!

Whether in special fire brigade or ambulance vehicles or for private use during camping trips or on a yacht:

Those who use a system for mobile power supply that is independent of the mains network currently have to put a lot of time and effort into materials, which means a financial commitment too.

In addition to a bulky and heavy lead battery, various additional devices are required such as a booster for supplying from the starter battery, a charger and an inverter, an electric switch panel, a display module as well as two separate connections (input and output) for 12 V direct current or 230 V alternating current.

On top of all that – depending on the make – a lot of noise is to be expected, as well as a relatively high susceptibility to maintenance due to the networking of several individual units.

Thanks to the latest development from LEAB, the Lithium Power Supply (LPS), these problems are now all a thing of the past. Despite compact dimensions of only 390 x 244 x 250 mm, the new device takes over all the functions of the classical equipment. It thus offers users a smart all-in-one solution which can easily be installed by non-electricians and is ready to operate immediately when switched on (plug & play). These key improvements compared to all the solutions available before make the new development truly worthy of the “Word First” title.

At the heart of the compact system is a 100 Ah lithium battery (lithium iron phosphate LiFePo4). It has the same effi cient capacity as two 100 Ah wet cell/gel batteries and provides more than 2,000  charging/discharging cycles at 80 % discharge. An intelligent 50 A charger charges in just over an hourvia the mains grid (on-land connection) or in two hours when connected to the generator during the trip.

Consumers which require 230 V alternating current are supplied via an integrated 1500 W sine wave inverter during the trip or at a standstill. Since no engine needs to run for operation, annoying secondary effects such as exhaust gases or noise are no longer relevant. In addition, the unit makes additional charging via a solar panel possible.

The reliable control of the charging/discharging power and time, the remaining running time, capacity and all other functions is taken over by a complex Battery Management System (BMS). A charge current distributor ensures that the starter battery is charged as top priority, then the LPS. A 50 Amp DC-DC booster makes optimum use of the generator power to charge the lithium battery and is also compatible with generators equipped with a generator management system. Last but not least, the LPS includes an integrated electric switch panel with 2-pole 230 V fuse and a residual current circuit breaker (RCCB). Both devices allow safe and straightforward installation.

The decisive advantage of the new product compared to the conventional solution is its compact size. The LPS requires far less space than two 100 Ah batteries and still only weighs 28 kg despite all its integrated  components.

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LPS – Lithium Power Supply
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