Plugs and Sockets

We offer you accessories for numerous products from the LEAB range. These accessories supplement the chosen LEAB product and offer you an even greater variety of application options. This means you get a complete system solution from LEAB.

Choose the suitable plug system for your application from our range:

  • CEE plugs and CEE couplings 230 V / 400 V / 16 A and 32 A
  • Schuko plugs, Schuko couplings, Schuko sockets 230 V / 16 A
  • Rettbox and Rettbox-air charging stations and accessories 12V / 24 / V 230V / 400V as 20A or 32A versions
  • Plugs and couplings in acc. with DIN 14690
  • 2-pole NATO plugs and NATO couplings in acc. with VG 96917
  • SB-plugs from Andersson
  • MagCode system
  • DEFA-MiniPlug plugs, sockets, connection cables and armoured connection cables
  • Neutrik PowerCon, plugs, sockets and connection cables
Plugs and Sockets in acc. with DIN 14690
Clip and port held magnetical or mechanical
2-pole NATO plugs and sockets
Plug system with DEFA MiniPlug with armoured cable
Plug, panel plug and connection cable Neutrik PowerCon
Vehicle supply type CEE with control lamp, micro-switch
Schuko plugs and couplings, solid rubber, waterproof