A family business

As a small family company with a controlled succession, we stand for experience and development.

We have been dealing with mobile energy since 1989. Over the years, Bart and Petra Westerkamp, ​​together with long-standing employees, have focused the company increasingly in this area.

The generation change has been in full swing with us since 2015 with Richard Westerkamp taking over the management. With investment in specialists and in the digitalisation of the company, LEAB is now being actively developed by a constantly growing and motivated team.

Man explaining something in front of a switch cabinet

Our expertise

We specialise in working with manufacturers and builders of special vehicles as well as professional users of mobile power supplies.

Our product portfolio contains strong in-house brands and is complemented by products and accessories from a large number of international partners.

Besides our products and solutions, we offer our customers a wide range of additional services in areas such as consulting, production and logistics.

Cables and control elements

Our identity

The quality of our products and services and striving to continually improve them is an essential part of our identity at LEAB. Everything we do is focused on quality.

It is just as natural for us to always strive to protect the environment over the entire life cycle of our products and solutions. Low prices at the expense of the environment are not an option for us.

Two men talking in front of a LEAB car

Our philosophy

Our actions are characterised by cooperation based on partnership and long-term relationships with all business partners.

Honesty, reliability, respect and an optimistic view of the future together are important foundations for us.

Man picks up a parcel at warehouse

LEAB and Clayton Power

We have held an interest in our Danish partner Clayton Power since 2008 and work very closely with them.

With our many years of experience and innovative approaches, we have developed and produced extremely powerful and user-friendly lithium battery systems, which we are using in ever more applications.