Mobile power supply for the service, transportation and emergency industries as well as the leisure sector

With the experience of more than 30 years in the automotive sector, we develop products for a reliable mobile power supply - always fulfilling the complex requirements of the times. But we don't just keep pace, we actively design the present and future of mobile power supply for emergency, customized and commercial vehicles and offer suitable, user-friendly system solutions for the individual needs of different industries.

Convince yourself of our customized industry solutions

Powerful ePTO components from LEAB are used to provide electricity in transport and service vehicles when equipment and tools need to be operated on-site with zero emissions or not at the expense of an electric vehicle's traction battery. Our power supply systems for electricity and compressed air also ensure that fire department and emergency services vehicles are ready for immediate use in many places, particularly in the public safety sector.

Last but not least, all those who want to enjoy more freedom in their leisure time also benefit from our proven expertise, which is highly valued by numerous boat and motorhome conversion specialists.

Any further questions

Do you have any questions about our products or individual applications? The LEAB specialists will be happy to help you.

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  • Emergency

    Always ready for immediate use

    We develop and supplie reliable components for vehicles in the emergency services sector.

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  • Service

    Power for the entire working day

    We offer high-performance solutions for the service industry to provide electrical power for an entire working day on the road.

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  • Transport

    Self-sufficient power supply with ePTO systems

    Electrical motors rather than diesel engines: Our ePTO systems provide reliable and locally emission-free power for this purpose.

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  • Leisure

    Power supply for self-sufficient camping

    Whether you want to make coffee, charge your e-bike or fire up the electric barbecue, with our products you are independent.

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Product Highlights

Thanks to their high reliability over many years of operation, many of our products have become real highlights, from which innovative enhancements and new developments have emerged.