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Components from LEAB for a reliable power supply under all circumstances.

Safe energy for vehicles in the emergency services sector

LEAB develops and supplies reliable components for vehicles in the emergency services sector.

Power and compressed air supply for fire engines and rescue vehicles

For emergency vehicles, it is necessary that all on-board functions are reliably operational at all times - in the truest sense of the word. The technology must function smoothly. Charged batteries and full compressed air tanks are among the most important basic requirements for successful operation– where every second can count.

New product for 2023: PowAirBox II - charge maintenance for emergency vehicles

The PowAirBox (PAB for short) is a supply system that has been specially designed for vehicles used in rescue and fire services. It ensures the supply of electricity and at the same time the supply of compressed air - in other words: charge maintenance for emergency vehicles.

With the 2nd generation of the PowAirBox, we have introduced some sophisticated improvements. The optimisations, which we have also implemented for the PowAirBox II based on feedback, include:

  • Low installation depth (75 mm)

  • Sensor monitoring with start prevention

  • Wear-free automatic and manual ejection

  • Robust IP55 housing

  • Intelligent power electronics

PowAirBox II supply unit

Everything in view: LEDs show the charging status of the battery - the coupling can be ejected manually via touch sensor.

Conversion made easy - full compatibility guaranteed

Anyone wishing to convert their vehicles from the PowAirBox to the PowAirBox II will be pleased. We have made this step as easy as possible. We have made sure that the PowAirBox II remains fully compatible with your vehicle. Both the fit of the coupling and the mounting dimensions have been adopted unchanged from the first generation. A corresponding adapter makes the conversion uncomplicated.

PowAirBox II supply side view

Space-saving design: Thanks to its low installation depth, the new PowAirBox II can be mounted in a wide variety of places on the vehicle.

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