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LEAB offers high-performance solutions for the service industry to provide electrical power for an entire working day on the road - reliably and safely with the right voltage and capacity for the respective application. The absence of generators for on-site power generation enables emission-free working, which not only creates better working conditions, but also ensures a positive image on the market.

Whether angle grinder, welding machine, jigsaw, tool batteries or other tools - with the LPS II, our compact all-in-one solution, you can easily operate your devices throughout the working day. This allows you to concentrate fully on providing your customers with perfect performance on a daily basis. The LPS II combines all the components required for a mobile power supply in a compact housing and therefore supplies 230 V and 12 V at the output.

Examples from the field

Here are some examples of the operation of power tools. The information is approximate and relates to the LPS II 3000 model.

  • 1:40 hours

    Angle grinder

  • 50 minutes

    Welding machine

  • 50 charges

    Device battery

  • 3:15 hours


Thanks to the integrated inverter with up to 5,000 W peak power, you can also operate large devices without any problems.

Charging takes place either via one of our innovative 230 V feed-in systems or, for vehicles with a combustion engine, also via the alternator while driving via the 12 V or 24 V on-board power supply.

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Product highlights

With the LPS II for mobile power supply in service vehicles, we offer you an optimised all-in-one solution in various power sizes - to suit your needs.