A positive working atmosphere at LEAB: employees on the roof terrace of the company building. A positive working atmosphere at LEAB: employees on the roof terrace of the company building.

Create change with us now

Do more than just a job. Make energy mobile with us.

LEAB develops reliable solutions for mobile power supplies in emergency, customised and commercial vehicles. Together, we ensure that the right energy is always available at the right time.

We are always on the lookout for motivated people who want to shape the future of sustainable mobility with us.

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Our mission

Together for our goal

Shaping the future of sustainable mobility - that is the vision we pursue every day.

With innovative products and solutions, we provide help where it matters most. In industries where a reliable, mobile power supply for electrically powered auxiliary units is a top priority - including fire brigades, emergency services, refrigerated vehicles and many more.

As a growing company with 50 employees, we develop, manufacture and sell everything from chargers and on-board power distributors to complete solutions to ensure that our customers are reliably supplied with energy anytime, anywhere.

Sales manager with a LEAB product in his hands.

Marius is Head of Sales at LEAB

“Fire brigades, rescue services, disaster relief or environmental protection – our products are used wherever passionate people help others. That is incredibly motivating.”

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Working environment

Working at LEAB

Striving for high quality is also our aspiration regarding working conditions. By providing a flexible environment, we create space for individual needs and tasks.

We love developing smart solutions. This is not only reflected in our products, but also in our workplaces: Ergonomics and safety as well as flexibility in time and location have a positive effect on the health of our team.

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LEAB Internal Free Time

Shaping positive cooperation and actively working on the future - this is how we move the company and ourselves forward.

The LIFT is a team event in which we intensively analyse a corporate cultural or structural issue twice a year. The result is a view of the world, the company and ourselves that is completely detached from everyday life. With the help of external input, inspiring locations and exciting methods, we can work out answers and develop new options.

Trainee assembling connection cables.


Start your career with us

You can expect a solid apprenticeship in a great team with comprehensive insights into the processes and departments of a modern mid-sized company.

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Benefits for our team

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    Permanent contracts

    Working with the end of your contract in sight? Not with us! Good performance requires security and we are happy to grant our team this in the form of permanent employment contracts.

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    Flexible working hours

    Families, commitments and unplanned events - working strictly from eight to five is not always compatible with the rest of your life. With us, you can easily make exceptions.

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    Good work equipment and environment

    From office chair to toolbox, we pay attention to high-quality equipment. The premises are also designed to make you feel comfortable at work.

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    Joint further development

    We give everyone the opportunity to contribute ideas, concepts and suggestions. We have an open feedback culture and follow modern management concepts.

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    Fixed wages

    We are strongest together – that's why we have no room for dog-eat-dog mentality. A fixed, fair salary without a provision model is the prerequisite for this.

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    Owner-managed company

    Modern, but not a start-up. Development without sacrificing consistency. Innovative and agile with a stable foundation. Our success is in our hands.

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    Team events

    Christmas and summer parties? Of course! But we’re also involved in other activities together – whether in sport, team building or just for fun.

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    Bike leasing

    With or without electric assistance – cycling actively promotes health and protects the planet. In our team, everyone can get their individual dream bike at a favourable price.

Product manager in the office with a headset. Product manager in the office with a headset.

Nele is product manager at LEAB

“What’s most important to me at work? Unity and trust!”

Illustration of the application process: Application, Review, Get to know each other, Formalities, Welcome

Become part of the team

Application process

Step 1: Application

Being responsible, taking on exciting tasks, meeting at eye level, achieving goals together - that's what our team is all about. If you would like to join us, please send your application to jobs@leab.eu. You are also welcome to contact us in advance by telephone.

Schritt 2: Review

You are more than just a number. We take the time to look at every application carefully. You will receive a confirmation of receipt and can of course check the status of your application at any time.

Step 3: Get to know each other

In respect of your time, we will only invite you if the chances of working together are good. We can talk to you in person on site and clarify any outstanding questions together. We will also be available to answer any questions you may have at a later stage.

Step 4: Formalities

If we have got on well and both sides feel that we can achieve even more together, we will be happy to submit a contract proposal to you. You can think about this at your leisure and give us feedback.

Step 5: Welcome

Now nothing stands in the way of your first day at work: your team will give you a warm welcome and together we will dedicate ourselves to the many exciting tasks. It's great to have you here!

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