More freedom on holidays

Self-sufficient power supply when camping with the Lithium Power Supply (LPS II)

Travel independently. Discover the most beautiful and new places. Your own "home" always with you. That is the freedom that motorhomes and campers offer us. Enjoying life on the road is even better when the comfort is right, too. And for that, a reliable and safe power supply is crucial these days.

Illustration of the areas of application of the LPS 2

Independent on the road with the LPS II

Always and everywhere

Whether you want to make coffee, charge your e-bike and smartphone or fire up the electric barbecue, with the LPS II you are independent on the road. Plug in and go: whether with 12 volts or - just like at home - 230 volts directly from the socket.

Example calculations for the capacity of the LPS 2

Comfort in full charge

The powerful lithium-ion battery supplies 12-volt as well as 230-volt devices with energy, cleanly and quietly. The capacity is easily enough for many electrical products we rely on every day - from smartphones to e-bikes. See for yourself:

Simply recharge

The intelligent charging of the LPS II takes place effortlessly and conveniently while driving via the alternator (12 V or 24 V), conveniently via a shore connection or sustainably via a connected solar panel. The use in a hybrid or e-vehicle is also possible.

The LPS 2 in comparison with conventional systems

Always finds a place

The compact design of the LPS II allows easy assembly in most vehicles - even retrofitted. The low weight is a further advantage over conventional solutions. The absence of moving parts and fuels ensures the highest reliability and safety of the maintenance-free LPS II.

Advantages at a glance

  • Independent power supply anytime and anywhere

  • High performance and safety

  • Charging via alternator, solar panel or shore connection

  • All-in-one solution: compact dimensions, low weight

  • Quiet, emission- & maintenance-free operation

  • Easy operation

More comfort, more freedom

Finally put a tick behind the issue of power supply in your motorhome: with the LPS II. This leaves you more time and leisure for the essentials - your journey!

Capacity to suit your requirements

The models

  • Front view LEAB LPS II

    LPS II 2000

    Peak output: 3,000 W
    Capacity: 100 Ah (1,280 Wh)

  • Front view LEAB LPS II

    LPS II 2500

    Peak output: 4,000 W
    Capacity: 100 Ah (1,280 Wh)

  • Front view LEAB LPS II

    LPS II 3000

    Peak output: 5,000 W
    Capacity: 160 Ah (2.048 Wh)

Practical accessories

  • Fernbedienung für die LPS 2

    LPS II - Remote control

    Small remote control for switching the LPS II on and off, shows battery and operating status (LED). Delivery includes cable and connector.

  • The remote display of the LPS 2

    LPS II - Remote display

    The remote display provides an overview of all relevant operating data of the LPS II. It shows the state of charge as well as the operating data of the individual 12 V and 230 V outputs and inputs.

  • Solar panel with 160 watts

    Flexible solar panel for direct integration into a variety of roof structures and surfaces for connection to the LPS II

  • Connection set for the LPS 2

    LPS II - connection kit

    Wiring kit to connect (DC charge) an LPS II in the vehicle

  • Mounting rail for the LPS 2

    LPS II - Mounting rail

    for easy and safe mounting of the LPS II in the vehicle

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