Busdorf Volunteer Fire Brigade trusts in LEAB

As one of more than 20,000 volunteer fire brigades in Germany, the Busdorf fire brigade with its 55 members makes an important contribution to averting danger in the region. Whether rescuing, extinguishing, recovering or protecting - the reliability of the mobile power supply is a decisive factor for successful operations. The Busdorf fire brigade relies on our products - including the PowAirBox.

The PowAirBox in multi-purpose vehicles

In order to ensure an independent power supply, the Busdorf fire brigade is increasingly converting its vehicle fleet to battery operation and is using our PowAirBox for a new multi-purpose vehicle: a system specially developed for vehicles in rescue and fire brigade operations to supply power and compressed air.

An emergency vehicle in front of the building of the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade An emergency vehicle in front of the building of the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade

The newly expanded vehicle of the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade.

Ideal for self-extension

Non-profit organisations such as volunteer fire brigades rely on carrying out many tasks related to maintenance and optimisation of the vehicle fleet on their own. Thus, the employees themselves also converted the new multi-purpose vehicle of the Busdorf fire brigade, a Mercedes Vito. The PowAirBox comes fully equipped and ready to plug in, and is ideally suited for such a self-construction. 

PowAirBox B & Co

In the new multi-purpose vehicle of the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade, the on-board charger Champ 1230 Pro is used in addition to the PowAirBox B as the 230 V feed. In addition, a PCM4 with installation relay, i.e. a ready-to-connect power distributor for operating the charger, socket or air conditioning system, and the BW 801e battery monitor are part of the comprehensive and compact optimisation. In this way, the required energy is ready for use at the right moment so that all processes function smoothly and reliably.

A blue charging cable is stuck in a fire engine in Busdorf

Our PowAirBox provides power supply including automatic ejection.

Safety in case of emergency

"It has been shown in practice that feeding power exclusively from the vehicle batteries often leads to the batteries being damaged and a reliable and independent power supply could not be guaranteed" explains deputy municipal fire chief Dietmar Brockstedt from the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade. 

Due to the PowAirBox, this problem no longer occurs, which makes our work significantly easier, especially during operations in road traffic, for example on the motorway A7.

Quality, reliability and service

The local proximity of the Busdorf volunteer fire brigade to our headquarters played only a secondary role in the choice of product. Positive experiences with our products for the vehicles of the volunteer fire brigade fleet in the past were decisive. The competent service for repairs and the good documentation of the items in the product portfolio were also important criteria for the decision in favour of PowAirBox. The Busdorf volunteer fire brigade will therefore continue to rely on LEAB in the future: We make electricity mobile.