Connecting the LPS II to the MBAC system from Mercedes-Benz

The Lithium Power Supply II (LPS II) is now fully compatible with the Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control (MBAC) system. This turns the motorhome into a mobile smart home - because all the important data can be viewed and essential functions controlled on the central vehicle display and in the app. This means that the LPS II all-in-one power supply is seamlessly integrated into the vehicle's operation.

The battery's state of charge is always in view - directly in the cockpit.

Everything in view

If the LPS II is connected to the MBAC via a CAN-LIN gateway, the following data can be viewed directly in the app as well as in the central vehicle display (and optional additional displays):

  • State of charge of the auxiliary battery

  • Solar current and voltage

  • Input current (AC and DC)

  • Output current

  • Output power

With the LPS II connected to the MBAC, motorhome owners always have an overview of how much energy is still available, whether charging is active (when stationary or while driving), how much power connected devices require and what power the optional solar modules supply.

Comfort and the latest technology

This is not only great to look at, but a real design advantage for the interior. The typical additional displays in motorhomes are no longer necessary. Users have a display as a contact point for all information and functions. In addition, the LPS II can be switched on and off via the MBAC. Integrated into the intuitive Mercedes-Benz software , this means an enormous gain in comfort. The system is operated via touch displays either in the interior or on the user's own smartphone with the MBAC app.

The data can also be called up at any time in the MBAC app.

Small, compact, self-sufficient

The strengths of the LPS II come into their own in the motorhome: The compact design enables modern lithium technology in a small space. Installation and wiring are made even easier by eliminating the need for remote display and remote control. The all-in-one solution supplies plenty of energy for additional consumers of all kinds - without local emissions and absolutely quietly. The result is fully networked Mercedes-Benz motorhomes (based on the V-Class or Sprinter) which, despite their compact size, offer a self-sufficient power supply. Christian Dethlefsen, head of our product development, comments:

The travel experience with this kind of equipment is special. The self-sufficient energy supply makes it enormously flexible and at the same time comfort and operability are at the highest level.

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