LEAB signs Diversity Charter

The German Diversity Day on 23 May is an initiative of the “Diversity Charter”, which aims to bring the idea of diversity into the working world. It describes an openness that has long been present in our company and to whose values we have always been committed. By official signing the charter, we are underlining our commitment to an appreciative working environment characterised by diversity and equal opportunities. 

Living and valuing diversity

Since 2006, the Diversity Charter has been helping companies and organisations to strengthen openness, recognition and appreciation in German working life. After all, we spend a large part of our day there, meeting and interacting with a wide variety of people, finding solutions and new ways together. Everyday life shapes us and with it social developments. This makes it all the more important to create an environment in which individual differences within the team are valued and recognised so that each and every individual is free to develop.

Dimensions Diversity Charter

The seven diversity dimensions as well as the outer and the “organisational” circle level according to the Diversity Charter.

Openness in all aspects

“We have long been committed to diversity and inclusion and are pleased to be official signatories of the Diversity Charter,” says Managing Director Richard Westerkamp to mark the German Diversity Day. For LEAB, signing the charter is a binding commitment to an inclusive working environment in which the entire team is valued and respected regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and belief, and sexual orientation and social background.

Richard Westerkamp emphasises:

Diversity has always been understood as something very positive at LEAB. It is a completely natural part of our culture and we want to preserve that at all costs.