The proper voltage

With our DC-DC converters, on-board voltage can be converted without any problems - and in many variants, with low energy loss and in both directions.

Customised to every need

Electronic devices play a major role in commercial and emergency vehicles. Different consumers require different operating voltagesDC-DC converters from LEAB are used to produce and maintain the required voltage. They increase or decrease the on-board voltage so that the output voltage matches the respective device.

Our DC-DC converters, equipped with the latest switching power supply technology, are available with an input voltage of 12 V, 24 V or 48 V. The LEAB devices with a wide-range input of 8 V - 36 V and an output voltage of 12 V or 24 V are particularly universally applicable. Within these ranges, an individually defined output voltage of 12 V to 15 V or 24 V to 30 V can be set by us ex works.

Close-up of a DC-DC converter from LEAB

Our DC-DC converter IP21 with connector.

Available in two protection types

The internal electronics of our compact and lightweight devices are reliably protected against short-circuits and reverse polarity, which prevents damage to the device due to incorrect operation. With an efficiency of over 96 percent, energy loss is reduced to a minimum.

The plastic housing and the compact design ensure that our IP21 devices are lightweight. All devices have the 6.3 mm FASTON connector, and the mix-up-proof housing is inserted one step at a time.

Under severe operating conditions, our converters with IP67 certification are most suitable. The aluminium housing offers reliable protection against external influences such as dust and moisture.


  • Particularly high efficiency of over 96 percent

  • Lightweight, flat plastic housing with plug connection

  • 6.3 mm FASTON connector with mix-up-proof housing


  • Particularly high efficiency of over 96 percent

  • Robust, compact aluminium housing

  • Waterproof and vibration resistant

  • Partially also available in MIL specification

  • Available with open cable ends or customised connections

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