Workshop Charger Champ 1230 Pro PWC

Small, compact and waterproof workshop charger for wet, gel/AGM and traction batteries with power supply function.


  • 3 charging characteristics available
  • Charge indicator via LED
  • Reverse polarity protection & short circuit proof
  • Rubber housing protection


  • Product number: 0101143890
  • Unit price: 295.00 EUR

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Product description

Small, compact and waterproof charger with adjustable charging characteristic, integrated temperature sensor and power supply function The Champ Pro chargers are extremely robust built-in chargers for the special vehicle sector. Due to the robust construction with a stable metal housing and a fully encapsulated circuit board, all units of the series are waterproof and dustproof to IP67. The all-rounders can be used in all 12- and 24-volt on-board power supply systems with lead-acid batteries. They are suitable for charging and for trickle charging of auxiliary batteries.

Technical Information

Balancing Charge
16 V
Battery capacity
90 Ah ... 300 Ah
Building main fuse
B16 A/C16 A
Cable length, AC input
2 m
Cable length, DC output
1.5 m
Charging characteristic
4 selectable charging programms
Charging current
30 A
Connection DC output
Pole Clamps
Connector, AC input
Schuko plug (type F)
205 V ... 250 V
Input frequency range
40 Hz ... 60 Hz
Input voltage (AC)
230 V
International Protection (IP class)
Level of efficiency
> 88 %
Main charge
14,1 V/14,4 V
Operating temperature
-30 °C ... +40 °C
Output voltage
12 V
Protection class
< 3 %
Temperature sensor
Trickle charge
13.6 V/13.8 V
Type of battery
Lead acid (wet, gel, AGM)/traction
Dimensions (L x W x H)
195 x 98 x 47 mm
1.7 kg