PowAirBox II A - 230 V Conversion Kit

The PowAirBox II adapter kit contains both the power supply system for emergency vehicles with automatic ejection and an adapter that makes it easy to convert from a PowAirBox I to its more advanced successor.


  • Low installation depth (75 mm instead of 121 mm)
  • Sensor monitoring with start prevention
  • Wear-free automatic and manual ejection
  • Integrated undervoltage detector
  • Wear-free due to intelligent power electronics


  • Compressed air: Yes
  • Nominal voltage (suppy unit): 230 V
  • Product number: 1101002004
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Product description

The PowAirBox II, like its predecessor model, is a system for supplying power and compressed air to emergency vehicles with automatic ejection.
The supply is effected via a special coupling in which compressed air and power are combined in one line. The robust housing is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide and has IP55 protection, making it dust-proof and splash-proof. Via indication integrated in the front of the PowAirBox II, the status of the feeding mains as well as the charging status of the batteries can be read easily and at any time. The integrated undervoltage detector alerts visually and acoustically in the event of a deep discharge of the vehicle battery.
The disconnection between the power and compressed air supply and the automatic ejection of the coupling is monitored and controlled by a newly developed sensor technology and also works when operated manually via a touch sensor. As long as the coupling is not ejected, the start prevention is activated to provide maximum safety.
A superior multi-stage power control monitors the insertion and disconnection of the coupling and controls the connection and disconnection of the load. This optimises wear-free connection and disconnection even with particularly powerful inductive and capacitive loads.

Upgrade made easy thanks to total compatibility

The PowAirBox II is fully compatible with the previous version. Both the fit of the coupling and the mounting dimensions are unchanged, so vehicles can be easily upgraded to the PowAirBox II. A corresponding adapter makes the conversion uncomplicated. The low installation depth makes installation simple and flexible.

Technical Information

Compressed air
Nominal voltage (suppy unit)
230 V
Adapter length
280 mm
Air pressure
13 bar
L1/PE/N + 2x HK
Current (AC), max.
16 A
Installation depth
75 mm
International Protection (IP class)
Nominal voltage (battery)
12 V/24 V
Protection class
Status display
Dimensions (L x W x H)
192 x 109 x 100.5 mm
1.2 kg

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  • PowAirBox II A - 230 V Conversion Kit


    Compressed air
    Nominal voltage (suppy unit)
    230 V
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    Nominal voltage (suppy unit)
    230 V
    Compressed air
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