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Quickly back in action

Repair and Maintenance

Despite our high quality standards, not every defect or wear and tear can be excluded. Should a defect occur, we will take care of a repair or find another solution for you as quickly as possible and in an ecologically sensible manner.

Products manufactured and distributed by us stand for high quality standards. Nevertheless, not every fault or wear and tear can be excluded. We therefore aim to repair your appliance as quickly as possible or find another solution for you, provided that this is ecologically and economically sensible.

Commission us to check and repair your appliance, we will collect it from you via our return service, repair it and send it back to you as quickly as possible. Simply submit your service order for a check or repair of your device online at any time.

If you have any questions in advance, please contact us and we will check whether and how we can help you.

Return service

Our return service is for anyone who wants to send customer property to us. Be it for inspection, repair or for other agreed reasons. Service orders from Germany are regularly processed via our return service. However, the return service is also available to you in many cases for service orders from abroad. This service offers you numerous advantages:

  • We organise and insure the transport of your property to us.
  • Lucrative shipping costs due to our good conditions with logistics companies.
  • Faster processing due to automatic allocation in our company.
  • We assume the costs for the return service in the event of a warranty claim.

Loan device

In cases of urgent need, we offer our customers a loan device service. For the duration of the inspection and repair of your device, we will send you - if available - a comparable device, with which you can bridge the functionality of your application. We will provide you with a loan device that you can either return to us or purchase at the end of the loan period.

A loan device can be ordered in the service order and will be sent to you as quickly as possible if it is available.

Placing a service order

You can place a service order here.

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