Breakfast with a view

Since December 2022, we have been an official part of watt_2.0, the industry association for renewable energies with over 100 member companies. On Thursday, we hosted the association's internal series “Breakfast with a View” for the first time. We invited people to our premises in Busdorf to provide information on the topic of “Connecting power generation and power supply in vehicle fleets” and to exchange ideas with our guests from business and politics.

Company representative Fabian Dickau presented thoughts and approaches to the topic: How do we manage to supply all-electric vehicle fleets with additional energy? First off, a presentation was given on the triad of power supply in the vehicle, expansion of the vehicle as well as power generation and infrastructure.

Need for interaction

The interaction of three players is required to successfully supply electric commercial vehicles with energy. The vehicle builders and the body manufacturers form the basis. In the meantime, we take care of the mobile energy storage.

With the Energy Unit with XBU, for example, we have developed a flexible, compact and lightweight complete system in various capacities, which ensures that additional consumers in the vehicles can be operated reliably without interruption. However, in order to be able to charge them, a compact charging infrastructure is needed, which must be created in close cooperation with the energy producers - among other things, through networking in the Renewable Energies Industry Association.

Fabian Dickau summarises:

It is essential to exchange experiences and work closely together in order to shape the future in a sustainable way. We are already looking forward to the next meeting.

In keeping with the topic: