For fire brigades and rescue vehicles: power and compressed air supply

For commercial vehicles, it is necessary that all on-board functions are reliably operational at all times - in the rescue sector it is vital for commercial vehicles. Here it can cost lives if the technology does not function smoothly. Charged batteries and full compressed air tanks are among the most important basic requirements for a successful mission, where every second counts.

For emergency vehicles and fire appliances

The PowAirBox (PAB) is a supply system that was specially developed for vehicles in rescue and fire brigade operations. It provides the supply of electricity and at the same time the supply of compressed air.

Two men look at the PowAirBox on a fire engine

The PowAirBox in use in an emergency vehicle

Coding pins reliably ensure the prevention of incorrect plug-in connections, for example between a 24 V coupling and a 12 V on-board supply system. The PowAirBox is available in three voltage levels (12 V, 24 V, 230 V), whereby the couplings are compatible with and without compressed air. When the vehicle engine is started, a special device automatically disconnects the supply line from the vehicle. Ejection takes place by means of a stainless steel spring and an electromagnet that withstands any load - even repeated starting does not cause any damage.

The PowAirBox variants with 12 V and 24 V are used when the charger is located in the vehicle hall. With a 230 V supply, the charger (e. g. ABC 2420 or ABC 1240) is located directly in the vehicle for optimised charging of the vehicle battery.

User-friendly and safe

battery status display with LED indication is already included in the standard version of the PowAirBox. It ensures constant monitoring of the current battery charge status. In case of low voltage, a clearly audible acoustic signal is activated in addition to the visual indication.

Ejection system

The extremely robust ejection system disconnects the supply coupling when the vehicle is started. The round protection cover then lowers automatically and closes the coupling magnetically.

Two auxiliary contacts available in the standard version can be freely assigned, for example for status display on the central computer, for start prevention or for charging with higher charging powers. The PowAirBox complies with the currently valid DIN 14679. The protective insulated housings are made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide according to PA6 GF30 and are designed to IP55.