Under power: LEAB at the soapbox derby

After a break of nine years, the excitement was enormous: On Saturday, 9 September, about 3,000 people found their way to the race track to join in the fun at the 6th Busdorf soapbox derby.

LPS II in action

Starting with the number 302: our "Thor's HUMMER" bolide, specially developed for this event, which was particularly eye-catching due to its radiant headlights. These were powered by an integrated LPS II, our compact and lightweight all-in-one solution for mobile power supply. The signalling system for the horn as well as the ignition of the smoke bombs, which conjured up CO2-free "exhaust gases" from the exhaust, were also controlled via the LPS II. A Melfbox was installed for the seamless supply of the 230 V power.

Full concentration at the soapbox derby in Busdorf

A lot of work, a lot of pleasure

"We had a lot of fun developing the soapbox. It kept us busy for months alongside our main tasks," says Christian Dethlefsen, Head of Products and Information at LEAB. "When the invitation to the event reached us at the beginning of the year, we didn't have to think twice. It was a great opportunity to present our products and our company to a wide audience."

The LEAB team is delighted with the successful event.

Dreaded curve

Despite extensive testing, there was a bit of excitement as our vehicle was pulled up the launch ramp. From up there, the dreaded "Thorsten Dahl Curve" looked even tighter than it already is. But our riders (Melli, Torsten and Maik) all made it through the race unscathed and to the cheers of the crowd.

From the steep launch ramp, it was down to the piste - lights and smoke included.

Commitment on site

"Our appearance generated a lot of attention for our company and our products - also at our well-visited stand in the paddock. This will certainly help us in the search for skilled workers and trainees sooner or later," says Christian Dethlefsen.

The audience was densely packed at the barriers.

LPS II in special use

Last but not least, we were able to help out a participant who had brought a tractor to transport his soapbox. The tractor's starter battery broke down and we were there with the LPS II to jump-start it - a great practical example of our products in front of many eyes.

The children's race on Bobby Cars was also very popular.

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